Asynchronous Customer maintain Channels

Asynchronous Customer Support Channels

In an effort to meet evolving customer demands, Deltapath Contact Center Solution recently added new omnichannel capabilities. The brand joined forces with Comm100 in order to create the new omnichannel contact center. The new feature was designed to improve communication and includes various communication channels including website live chat, email SMS, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp Business, WeChat, Line, Telegram, and Instagram. Thus allowing customers to connect with the social apps they feel the most comfortable using.

David Liu, CEO at Deltapath, said: “Historically, Deltapath has been focused, not just on voice, but also on the video contact center. However, more interactions are happening outside of video and voice. We want to keep up to date with the latest customer channel preferences, which often includes an asynchronous communication style. For example, many users today generally do not want to deal with companies via phone, so we focused on bringing omnichannel into our contact center solution.”


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