Dairy Product Labeling Updates

Dairy Product Labeling Updates

UK retailer Co-op has announced it will be ditching yogurt use-by dates in a bid to help combat food waste and encourage consumers to enjoy dairy products that are still completely edible. The brand will be replacing the use-by date with best before dates starting next month to its own-label yogurts, which it hopes will encourage consumers to use visual cues to decided whether or not the dairy product is suitable to eat. The entire range is expected to be amended by October.

Co-op Head of Food Technical Nick Cornwell commented on the elimination of yogurt use-by dates saying, “Yogurt can be safe to eat if stored unopened in a fridge after the date mark shown, so we have made the move to use ‘best before’ dates to help reduce food waste. The acidity of yogurt acts as a natural defence and we’d encourage shoppers to use their judgment on the quality of their yogurt if it is past the ‘best before’ date.”

Image Credit: Co-op


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