Does Natalia Bryant acquire Hollywood dreams after college?

Does Natalia Bryant acquire Hollywood dreams after college?

Does Natalia Bryant have Hollywood dreams after college?

Natalia Bryant has almost finished her first year at the University of Southern California. The daughter of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant has been busy managing life as a student, rising model, and celebrity, and when she finishes school, it’s likely we will see her in Hollywood chasing big dreams. Earlier this month, at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscars Party, she talked to Entertainment Tonight and was all smiles talking about her life and Hollywood dreams.
The 19-year-old has been mourning the loss of her father but has been excited about her future. She signed with IMG models in 2021 and has been studying film at USC. When talking to ET she said she felt the whole year flew by “so fast,” and was more than everything she expected. “I just love everyone that I’ve met,” she said. When asked if the night made her want to get into Hollywood, Natalia’s face lit up with a huge smile as she said impassioned, “yes, definitely.” “I mean honestly I just love everyone here,” the young adult added. While the industry will likely welcome Natalia with big arms, she’s finishing school and even said she had to go to class at 9 am after the party.

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We will have to wait and see if Natalia will pursue her dreams in front of the camera as an actress or behind the camera in production. As for how she got interested in film? She told E! News she shared the passion with her late father. “My dad and I would always watch as many movies as we can and we’d go on movie marathons,” she said. “Then we’d analyze as many movies as we can and we’d talk about it for months. Anywhere we’d go we’d just keep talking about different films and how it, like, reminds us of where we are.”


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