Fava-Based Packaged Tofus

Fava-Based Packaged Tofus

‘Big Mountain Foods,’ the Canadian food manufacturer, launched a new line of soy-free, fava bean tofu. This first-of-its-kind offering is a landmark product for the tofu industry as it boasts 95% more protein than leading soy-based tofu brands while retaining its firm, iconic texture.

The fava bean tofu is made with 100% fava beans and is available in two flavors: smoked and regular. The smoked variety has an enhanced flavor over the original for fans who are drawn to stronger, more savory flavor profiles. The company sought to create a soy-free tofu in order to provide a vegetarian protein supplement that includes fibers, vitamins, and minerals, without including some of the common downsides of soy, such as GMOs, allergies, or unethical practices.

The Big Mountain Foods soy-free tofu made out of 100% fava beans can be purchased online from Compass Foods, as well as from various third-party retailers, at an MSRP of $4.87 CAD, or approximately $3.50 USD.

Image Credit: Big Mountain Foods


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