Hygiene Improving Pillowcases

Hygiene Improving Pillowcases

DREEMA has created a multilayer leakproof pillowcase for skin hygiene. The company promises with the DREEMA, you will never sleep on a dirty pillowcase again.

Humans sweat, drool, and cry in their sleep without knowing. Many individuals have oily skin or oily hair due to products. The constant reuse of old pillowcases will cause breakouts and long-term skin care problems.

It is reported that used pillowcases have more bacteria than toilet seats. Dead skin and hair follicles play a large part in this. With the DREEMA it only takes five seconds to change your pillowcases. Users can simply flip the top sheet of the pillowcase over like a piece of paper and be presented with a new case.

Those looking to increase their hygiene and reduce the need to wash their pillowcases constantly can find the product on Kickstarter.

Image Credit: Dreema


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