Lele Pons spreads body positivity on her most novel Instagram post

Lele Pons spreads body positivity on her most novel Instagram post

Lele Pons spreads body positivity on her most recent Instagram post

Lele Pons make it a priority to be herself in every way she can. From funny and unfiltered videos to truthful photographs of her body, the singer’s authenticity is one of the reasons why she’s so loved by her fans and followers. Her last Instagram post reinforces this attitude, showing an image of her cellulite and a message explaining why she chose to share it.
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The post is made up of three images. The first shows her showing her back to the camera while wearing a bathing suit. The second shows a different angle and the last shows a close up of the cellulite on her leg. “Embrace your cellulite. exposing myself ! i’ve always been super insecure when it comes to my cellulite! i try to hide it as much as i can and edit them out,” she captioned it. She then explained that she wasn’t going to judge herself for her body and that she was going to decide to embrace herself fully. “But today im not gonna do it! This is my natural self. Who cares if others judge… Embrace who you are and be confident,” she concluded. Lele wrote her caption in English and Spanish, ensuring all of her followers would read her message.
Lele has always taken an open and honest approach to her body and her appearance. About a month ago, she shared an image of herself before and after her rhinoplasty, a process that she’s never hidden and that she decided to do since it made her happier and more confident.

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