strict Low-Emission EVs

strict Low-Emission EVs

Strict Low-Emission EVs

‘Tata Motors,’ the Mumbai-based electric vehicle (EV) automaker, has announced the ‘Avinya’ five-seater concept car. The company has outlined its intentions to make this car one of the most environmentally conscious EVs on the market, not just from the emissions caused by the vehicle itself, but also through its manufacturing process. Tata Motors outline an approximate release date of 2025 for the Avinya and its upcoming line of EVs.

The automaker stated that its EVs will have a maximum range per charge of 310 miles, which is equivalent to high-end Tesla vehicles and other range-focused EVs. Tata Motors has also stated that it believes long-range EVs will become standard in the future, whereas currently, they are more of a luxury EV branch. In order to support its EV development plans, Tata Motors invested $2 billion into its EV-focused ventures.

Image Credit: Tata Motors


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