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Monolithic Concrete Gallery Spaces

Monolithic Concrete Gallery Spaces A monolithic concrete gallery space was recently erected at the Glenstone Museum in Maryland. The paired-back structure measures 4,096 square feet and it was designed by American architecture studio Thomas Phifer and Partners. The materials used for the monolithic concrete gallery are powerful, to say the least. The

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Dairy Product Labeling Updates

Dairy Product Labeling Updates UK retailer Co-op has announced it will be ditching yogurt use-by dates in a bid to help combat food waste and encourage consumers to enjoy dairy products that are still completely edible. The brand will be replacing the use-by date with best before dates starting next month to its own-label yogurts, which it hopes will

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Adult-Targeted Gummy Supplements

Adult-Targeted Gummy Supplements These new gummy vitamins are arriving from Nature's Truth as a lineup of options for adults that are powerfully formulated, while also being deliciously easy to take. The supplements come in the form of the Beet Root Gummies, the Magnesium Gummies, the D3 + B12 Gummies and the Ceylon Cinnamon Gummies. The products are all

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