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Smartphone Emergency Features

Smartphone Emergency Features Apple integrates the new Emergency SOS feature through its satellite technology which will be seen in the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro smartphone models that are officially arriving later this month. Those who obtain the phones in Canada and the US will be able to use the satellite connection to help with relaying messages

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Japan-Exclusive Car Trims

Japan-Exclusive Car Trims The Honda Fit RS is a fourth-generation trim available for the Honda Fit exclusively in the Japanese market. This trim will boast the highest performance specifications out of the five available Honda Fit trims. According to Honda, the Fit RS will easily exceed the 109 horsepower of the standard Honda Fit model. In terms of its

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Asynchronous Customer maintain Channels

Asynchronous Customer Support Channels In an effort to meet evolving customer demands, Deltapath Contact Center Solution recently added new omnichannel capabilities. The brand joined forces with Comm100 in order to create the new omnichannel contact center. The new feature was designed to improve communication and includes various communication channels

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