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3D-Printed Moon Shelters

3D-Printed Moon Shelters The 'LINA' lunar surface base has been designed by AI SpaceFactory as a shelter for astronauts alike to keep them supported during their time on the moon. Designed in partnership with NASA for the Artemis Mission, the structure is 3D-printed and suited for exposure to the harsh environment on the lunar surface. The structure

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Healthy Organic Iced Teas

Healthy Organic Iced Teas Nekter Juice Bar, an American smoothie and healthy beverage chain, has announced the launch of a new line called 'Nekter Freshers' and a new specialty offering called 'PB&J Trio.' With 'Nekter Freshers,' the brand aims to offer customers a healthier alternative to today's most commonly consumed iced beverages. For example,

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So Much For Internal-Combustion-Only Lamborghinis

So Much For Internal-Combustion-Only Lamborghinis This is the last year for ICE-only Lambos, according to its CEO.Lamborghini kicked off its hybrid future in 2019 with the Si'an, a car that produced, combined, over 800 horsepower. That was just the beginning, though, with Lambo now saying that 2022 is it for its internal combustion only Lamborghinis. There

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