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Japan-Exclusive Car Trims

Japan-Exclusive Car Trims The Honda Fit RS is a fourth-generation trim available for the Honda Fit exclusively in the Japanese market. This trim will boast the highest performance specifications out of the five available Honda Fit trims. According to Honda, the Fit RS will easily exceed the 109 horsepower of the standard Honda Fit model. In terms of its

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Phone Bracket Side Bags

Phone Bracket Side Bags Double-Hold has designed the first bag with a phone bracket function. The company wants to create a world where our mobile phones are attached to us at all times, similar to watches and jewelry. The Double-Hold side bag will allow mobile device screens to be presented to us while also keeping our hands free to perform other

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Top 100 Gadgets Trends in May

Top 100 Gadgets Trends in May The May 2022 gadgets offer consumers a range of innovative products in response to new industry developments and demands. As the virtual reality realm continues to gain traction across all industries, companies are looking at new ways to combine the physical and digital world, especially within the gadget space. Companies are

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