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Pride-Honoring Colorful Sneaker Packs

Pride-Honoring Colorful Sneaker Packs Nike releases its new Converse Pride collection to celebrate and support the community -- this time around, it centers around the theme of a Found Family. The silhouettes that are set to join the range include the Converse Run Star Motions sneaker, the iconic Chuck 70 Hi shoe, the Chuck Taylor Hi, the Lift Ox sneaker,

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Albino Fashion Dolls

Albino Fashion Dolls Rainbow High is expanding its authentically diverse and inclusive doll line to include a doll with albinism, a very light skin tone, hair and eyelashes, as well as eyeglasses. The first fashion doll with albinism spotlights an inherited genetic condition that reduces the amount of melanin pigment formed in the skin, hair and/or eyes.

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