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Biomaterial-Based Eyewear Retailers

Biomaterial-Based Eyewear Retailers Design studio Nina + Co helps with designing the new London store location of MONC Eyewear located in Marylebone. The brand sells eyewear that is made from bio-acetate, which is a material that is produced entirely without fossil fuels for a sustainable touch. These are also carefully packaged in recycled leather cases

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Monolithic Concrete Gallery Spaces

Monolithic Concrete Gallery Spaces A monolithic concrete gallery space was recently erected at the Glenstone Museum in Maryland. The paired-back structure measures 4,096 square feet and it was designed by American architecture studio Thomas Phifer and Partners. The materials used for the monolithic concrete gallery are powerful, to say the least. The

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Top 100 Gadgets Trends in May

Top 100 Gadgets Trends in May The May 2022 gadgets offer consumers a range of innovative products in response to new industry developments and demands. As the virtual reality realm continues to gain traction across all industries, companies are looking at new ways to combine the physical and digital world, especially within the gadget space. Companies are

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