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Solar-Powered Smartwatches

Solar-Powered Smartwatches The Sequent 'SolarCharger' smartwatch is a health-focused wearable for users seeking out a stylish yet sustainable way to track their vitals. The watch is characterized by its subtle design that appears to be a conventional timepiece, but reveals a series of advanced tracking and connectivity capabilities upon closer inspection.

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Flexible Car Cabin Accessories

Flexible Car Cabin Accessories These Peugeot 3D-printed car accessories have been developed by the France-based automotive brand as a series of storage inserts for its 308 models to provide drivers with enhanced storage capabilities. The accessories were designed and created by Peugeot's Design, Product and Research & Development teams as a supplemental

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So Much For Internal-Combustion-Only Lamborghinis

So Much For Internal-Combustion-Only Lamborghinis This is the last year for ICE-only Lambos, according to its CEO.Lamborghini kicked off its hybrid future in 2019 with the Si'an, a car that produced, combined, over 800 horsepower. That was just the beginning, though, with Lambo now saying that 2022 is it for its internal combustion only Lamborghinis. There

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