Vegan Chicken Wings

Vegan Chicken Wings

Another Wing, a recently launched restaurant chain founded by superstar music producer DJ Khaled, announced that it will be introducing a new plant-based chicken item to its menu called ‘LikeWings.’ The new meat-free chicken wings use a GMO-free soy protein base made by LikeMeat, a plant-based food company owned by LiveKindly Collective.

Starting today LikeWings will be available at all of Another Wing’s U.S.-based locations. In addition, the company has also recently begun selling its wings at major American retailers including Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and Sprouts.

“This LikeWings collaboration is an incredible opportunity for people who don’t eat meat to enjoy the incredible flavors of Another Wing. This collab combines the flavors of Another Wing with the plant power of LikeMeat… let’s win more with LikeWings,” said DJ Khaled in a recent press statement.

Image Credit: Another Wing


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